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G-Rib is an economical & practical all purpose panel that fares well for most types of agricultural as well as many residential and commercial applications



29 gauge G-rib metal siding and roofing from Kauffman Metals is manufactured from the highest quality, domestically sourced, Grade 80 high tensile steel coils. Our ribbed panels are easy to install, sturdy, and weather tight. Resistance to dents, plus minimal expansion / contraction properties make this steel panel an excellent investment providing lasting protection and greater durability that will enhance all types of structural designs


Job lot quantities can be shipped directly to you. Each shipment, 1 sheet to 100, is banded in bundles for protection in transit and at the job site. Company owned and operated trucks deliver each shipment to insure on time deliveries. Our custom cut lengths, to-the-inch up to 60 feet, reduce or eliminate end laps. You get a tighter, stronger, more attractive building.


Each panel is coated with Galvalume, a patented aluminum-zinc alloy coating for extra protection. Panels are then bonderized and an OPTIMA Primer is applied. The primer supplies flexibility and provides an excellent base for the final coat, CERAM-A-STAR, a ceramic pigmented silicone polyester, which supplies strength, hardness, and durability against the effects of sun, wind, rain, heat, and cold. It is extremely resistant to mildew. No blistering, peeling, and flaking either!

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