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Garage doors are a significant part of how your home or building looks. But these doors need to be more than just nice to look at. The doors we carry from CHI are built tough enough to withstand years of opening and closing and can resist the most unpleasant weather.

Whether your project is simple or complex, Kauffman Metals wants to make it easy.

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Garage Door Openers


Today’s garage doors are more stylish than those of the past. They are also heavier and require more powerful garage door openers. Marantec’s German engineering and craftsmanship has created a garage door opener that is designed for these heavier doors.

With their direct current (DC) motors, Marantec openers can vary their speed, allowing a gentle stop as a door completes its cycle. This power is controlled by Marantec’s Digital Intelligence system that continually looks for obstructions. This is a step beyond the basic safety provided by photo eye sensors.

These superior openers have the industry’s strongest warranty and are only available through Marantec-authorized dealers.

Ask us how to move up to Marantec.

marantec garage door opener


LiftMaster residential garage door openers offer a broad selection in performance, features, and durability. All of their models are available with a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems. They will withstand the harshest elements and provide years of extended use.

Commercial sites have needs that differ from residential applications—frequency of use being the most common. Though a residential garage door may only be used a few times a day, a commercial door may be used several times an hour.

With this heavy usage in mind, LiftMaster has developed a full line of commercial door operators.

At Kauffman Metals, we’re glad to talk you through your situation and offer you the best solution.

Liftmaster garage door opener


The Alliance Manufacturing Company produced the first Genie garage door opener in 1954. Since then, Genie has become a recognized name in the industry.

Today, Genie continues to increase the value they offer. This is seen in their development of the Intellicode® Access Security System, which changes the door code every time the remote is used. Some current models also feature GenieSense™ Monitoring and Diagnostic Technology, which continuously monitors the operation of the door, stopping operation when significant changes occur. These features minimize noise, wear on the door, and improve overall safety.

Kauffman Metals is happy to be a Genie dealer. Find out more by giving us a call!

Garage Door and Garage Door Opener FAQs

To enhance the security of your garage door opener, make sure it has rolling code technology, which changes the code after every use. Additionally, disable the opener when traveling for extended periods, or invest in a smart garage door opener that allows remote access control through a smartphone app.

A well-maintained garage door opener should last 10 to 15 years. Regular maintenance, following the manufacturer’s guidelines, and promptly addressing any operational issues can help extend the opener’s lifespan.

It is possible to install a garage door opener by following the manufacturer’s instructions. However, we strongly recommend professional installation to ensure safety and proper function.

By using a low-headroom track configuration, garage doors can be installed with as little as 3” of headroom. But a minimum headroom of 12” is ideal, as that allows for standard track. If you want to add an electric opener, you will need an extra 2” of headroom.

All our garage doors are sold with torsion springs. Doors using torsion springs will balance out better and are much safer than doors with extension springs. For door heights of 8’ and 10’, extension springs are available by request only. To enable immediate door repair, we stock an extensive line of torsion and extension springs.

The most common problem that we find is with the safety sensors. Make sure they are properly aligned and that there are no obstructions. Sometimes the sensors become faulty and need to be replaced. Problems with track alignment, worn-out rollers, and cables can also be a factor.

This can be caused by a broken spring, broken cables, or misaligned tracks.

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